HSF Telecommunication

Telecomunication technologies has been our object of  business since 1993 and we always try to bring the most advantage communication systems to our customer. Either private branch exchanges or CPEs like ADSL/VDSL modems, routers or VoIP gateways, we always want to offer the best and economy solutions. This is the main benefit we offer „good price/performance ratio: We do not implement the cheepest technology because this will cost customer a lot of money at the end.

As for the VoIP technology we believe in our long time experiences and we can either to build new communication system or add some modern technologies into your current system. Our experts   like computer specialists or communication engineers know a lot about computer and telecommunication networks as well as about the interfaces between these two technological fields.

Customers need efficient and user friendly tool for communication. And this is what we do. Does not matter if you are office with 5 employees or a big company. Call us and find out that there is always the way to save money and improve your communication system.

Need to administrate your PC and PBX network? Call and ask for our services price list. You will find out that you can afford this. VPNs, remote access, terminal services, e-mail admin via Microsoft exchange or Kerio Mail Server and much more we can manage for very reasonable price.

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